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One of the most sought-after, well-received and high quality oils on the market. Bask in our staple Vanilla & Cinnamon or check out some of our other aromas such as Indian Spice and Beard O’ The Forest.

For the inner 1800-esque gentleman in you. Shape your beard, curl your moustache…the possibilities are endless.

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What Do Our Customers Think?

Andrew Grew

This product is, I would say, my favourite beard oil I have used. I have used many different fragrances, brands and so on. However with the Bartel’s Beard Oil I was finding I only need a couple of drops to go through the whole beard (My beard is about 5-6inches long).

The smell is amazing as well and the cinnamon really kicks through from as soon as you put it on your hands/beard. I will be 100% getting more of this and looking forward to more flavours coming out.

Rachel Course

Bought the vanilla & cinnamon oil for my husband who has sensitive skin. It has a light calming aroma. Great result as this is first oil he has been able to use that does not irritate his skin. Very nice product!

Richard Stroud

I have tried a number of different beard oils, but this works the best by far.
Compared to others, the amount of oil that is needed per use is considerably less, so it goes a long way!

After using this oil for a week or so the hair felt softer and didn’t itch nearly as much.
Before I used it I was prone to getting spots in my beard, but using this product actually stopped any from coming up.

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