Where It All Began...

“I have created Bartel’s Beard Oil in 2019 as I needed oils which I could trust. I’ve started growing a beard in 2017, and it was important that I knew what I put on my skin and hair. I’ve started experimenting at home with different aromas that I enjoyed and the most natural, organic and cruelty-free oils I could find – my friends and family praised my concoctions. With some time, I realized I could share my products with other bearded gents.”

– Dawid Bartel, Owner

Our Company and Philosophy

Bartel’s Beard Oil was founded with a certain philosophy in mind. We wanted to bring the highest quality products to the market – produts which you can trust. In today’s day and age, where labels only tell you the whole story as much as the laws require, we wanted to not revolutionize, but to build upon the values which the bearded community holds so dear.

When you come visit us, we’d want this to be a great experience – kind of like visiting an old mate. No pressure, just a bloody ol’ good quality conversation and a cheeky pint! (well, maybe after his shift, but we won’t judge).

We are a small team based in the UK and our promise to our customers is to source the best ingredients which are tested and certified to be cruelty-free, vegan, organic and natural. We do not add any colourings, preservatives or any other chemicals which could negatively impact on the health of your beard and skin.

“Because We Wouldn’t Sell Anything That We Would Not Use Ourselves”.

Why Shop With Us?

  1. We are fully CPSR certified, so that you can be sure the products are 100% safe
  2. Highest quality beard oils on the market, using only the best ingredients
  3. Cruelty-Free, Natural, Organic, Vegan (absolutely no preservatives, colourings or any other chemicals)
  4. Pay by card or PayPal – hassle free!
  5. Fast shipment and global delivery 24/7
  6. We provide top of the range SSL security, which means your payments are secure 24/7
  7. Register for an account to track your orders, save your info for faster checkout and get exclusive discounts

Thank You

Still, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you – our customers. From our first post, to the first review, we appreciate every single one of you. The likes, comments, shares, reviews, conversations and the amazing engagement we have had and continue to have in the bearded community – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s build something great together and propel our bearded communities across the world, man or woman, the seasonal or the newbie, the philosopher beards or the five’o clock…

Here’s to you!

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