Let Us Celebrate You

It is no secret that we are here because of the bearded brothers who so kindly review our products, the women who celebrate the men in their lifes, the weekend shoppers, and the perfectionists who read every review – we are here because of you, so thank YOU. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Our Reviewers

These are the amazing bearded brothers who have given Bartel’s Beard Oil a chance. We appreciate every single one of you, and we’d like to invite everyone to the Bartel’s family.

Whether you are the the seasonal or the newbie, the philosopher beard or the five’o clock, there is always a place for you among our family.

Join us today!

You too, can join

We don’t have any strict rules. The only thing we ask, is for our members to be kind, respectful and lend a hand to anyone in need.

We’d like to build a place where we can all build each other up and celebrate our facial hair. Respect. Decency. Kindness. That is the Bartel’s way.


You can become an official Bartel’s Beard Oil affiliate. Every time someone visits our store through your link and then buys something, you will get a cut. That link can be placed in your social media profile, videos, as well as the posts you make. Additionally, you get a discount code. Ain’t that marvellous?


If you’d like to join our family, please register as an affiliate or get in touch via the contact form. We would be absolutely jolly to have you!

Something More...

Our reviewers post a lot of amazing pictures and make a lot of in-depth posts. Some of them even do video reviews - and this is where we want to support and show them off. Enjoy!